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The Sony Xperia Z is an Android based phone that was released in 2013. It is one of the largest phones of the Xperia family with a 5-inch full HD display. Model numbers include C6603/C6602.

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How to fix the power button spring

Hi I recently had the screen of Sony Xperia Z replaced. Everything is working great expect the power button seems to have lost its spring. You have to place some pressure on the button for it to work since it is now sunk into the housing. What could I do to repair this since it it most likely something missing behind the metal bracket which holds the button housing in place inside the phone.


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Have you moved the switch flex cable like that when replace the screen? Or did you remember you replace the LCD screen only or replace the screen with the frame? Because replace the screen with frame, you must remove the flex cable.

In fact, there is nothing between the power button and flex cable except waterproof seal. The seal can't be moved, so i suppose your flex cable get loosen or didn't put it in the right position.

You have to open the phone again and to check what's the problem. Have a good luck!

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Thank you for your response. I replaced the LCD with frame. I thought there was something I lost between the flex cable and waterproof seal of the power button. I will reopen and check again.


Hi I lost the Ring around power button. And after that power button become sensitive and being pressed just by little shake or touch on side. Is it due to ring ?


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I have had same problem with my sony xperia T2 ULTRA. I tried everything from format to factory settings to restarting from SIM tray reset button but did not work.

Finally I opened lid and poked the button and and mechanism from inside of phone softlywith a needle then it turned to normal. Button is losing it's function or sticking to area where power comes then not working properly.

This is the problem.

Now it is working fortunealty.

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Hi...I faced an issue of "Power button " not working....so unable to Switch ON Mobile , if it get's switched OFF..Pls give any solution

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have same problem


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