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A phablet style smartphone with stylus, released by Micromax Mobile in 2013.

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Recover data from A240 internal memory

My phone is not getting switched on. i tried many things

power btton+ low volume key etc.

service centre have said to rplace the motherboard.

i need my data badly from internal memory. service centre is not helping. need some one immediate help.

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Data is proprietary (you won't be able to read it). If you can pull the SSD the phone center should be able to mount it in a new phone. If not go up the line until you find someone who can help you.

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vib, the data is stored on t\some hardwired NAND memory chip. Unless you can build a NAND reader and have the software to access the chip, there is no way you can get to the data. Some data recovery centers do have that equipment, but it is very costly to use their services. Sorry, but a normal DIY'er and normal repair shop will not have access to that method. Hope this helps, good luck

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