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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), or simply the Super Nintendo, is a 16bit gaming console released by Nintendo in 1990. The Super Nintendo was one of the best sellers of its time and still has a large fanbase today.

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My super nintendo does not load all games and only some partialy

I recently bought this snes from a garage sale and found that it didnt load games, after leaving it on for a couple hours with super mario world in (a game i know i know works from my other snes) i hit the reset button and it poped up with the nintendo logo but thats all, i tried other games and found that it would partially load mario kart (i could go through the menu but would fall off the track as soon as a race started) i then tried mario all stars with no issues at all. after trying every game in my collection, no others work on this snes but work perfectly on my other snes. please help me, this snes is in beautiful condition and i would love to see it working.

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You should try to clean the cartridge / game reader.

Don’t blow inside it, try to use a very fine sandpaper, to rub inside the cartridge reader.

This should do the trick to be able to read/play the games again.

If this isn't working, maybe you need to replace it or try a System cleaning kit.

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Yeah, I've had this problem also. it's not the games, but the circuit board inside the SNES. It seems to happen mostly on the first SNES board from 1991. The one with 4 chips on the south part of the board, and the separate sound card that is removable on the north east part of the board. Some games work, some don't work, some have a couple shadowy red bars through the screen, and some games even work but the sprites (characters) have no detection of one another in game play itself. I have cleaned up 2 different boards of this type and replaced all the capacitors, and the 64 pin cartridge connector on both boards, and both still have these problems. I think these models just go bad. Not worth really trying to experiment on these any more. I wanted to play games on these original machines. But no luck with that. I did get a SNES 2 and that works fine. So if you see for repair or parts an ebay, just save your money and invest on one that says it works. :)

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If you have a SNES that doesn't work please send it to me lol seriously I keep an eye out on eBay for a cheap 2 chip board but they won't atleast 40+ you could stick it on their for 0 dollars


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Had same problem. Probably cpu or ppu chips. I replaced my cpu because a lot of my games wouldn’t load or the sprites and graphics were missing. I had new life but certain games were still not working properly. I have 1 more replacement cpu to try, if that doesn’t work I’ll have to move on to the ppu’s. I am very hopeful though. My snes is also in mint condition which tells u how crappy the first version was.

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It's more than likely the one or more of the CPU, PPU1, PPU2 chips I have had my oem power supply adapter go bad causing a wavey line issue the best thing to do first is #1 clean the cartridge slot with a tooth brush and alcohol letting it dry good first before turning it on #2 buy a burn in cartridge it will check the internal chips giving you a place to start I hope this helps 😊

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