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Identifiable by model number I9001, also known as the Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition, released July 2011.

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replace digitizer without lcd

I'm just wondering...is it possible to replace only broken glass(digitizer) without buying new LCD ??? I can not find answer on the internet...

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andrejkuku, just checked the service manual. The display assembly is fused together. You would need an LCD separator to remove the glass. Then you would need the right adhesive i.e LOCA OCA etc, to re-adhere the glass. You would also need an UV source for the curing of the adhesive. If you have never done this before, or if you do not have those tools, I suggest that you replace the display assembly as one unit. This will be a lot easier, yield a higher success, and is more cost effective in the long run. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Well I did, then I realised the LCD behind was also cracked.

But usually you can seperate the two.

I'm stuck myself because they're both replaced but the screen isn't showing anything other than a backlight!


I'm not honestly certain to be honest mate, I'm working on a HTC desire C, but the Digitizer is seperate to the LCD on that as it's attached to the front of the phone case whilst the LCD is located just behind the circuit board.

Is there no videos on youtube on how to dismantle it on your particular phone?

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@ Ethan, how do you usually do that on the i9001? are the LCD and the digitizer not fused together? How do you re-attach them?


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glas and lcd are not in one!!!

look at this video!


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