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A powerful workstation laptop that fits into a portable package. Has multiple ports and connectors for a portable work environment.

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change keyboard from French?

Laptop has French keyboard, can I change to US English keyboard?

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Hey Jan, Which OS are you using? If you just want to change the input, without changing the keycaps, it is usually easy. Linux, MacOS, Windows (and which Windows).


Do u want to change the physical device keypad of the keyboar of logically change the whereabouts of the keys from




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The keyboard is fixed with 3 screws and can be replaced without any problem (Country code is -031 or -B31). There should be some recovery media in your box, so do a clean reinstallation in english and thats it.

Refer to the "Service and Maintenance guide" on HP website.



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Windows is providing officially help about this. Follow this link:


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