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A helpful collection of toaster repair and disassembly guides.

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Cuisinart 2-Slice Toaster spring popped out while cleaning—now broken

While cleaning the crumbs out of my toaster, a long metal rod fell out and then later I found a long spring that must go around the rod on the floor - guess it flew out while I was banging out the crumbs (upside down). It has something to do with the pull down lever but I can't figure out where it would go or how to put in back in. Now the "toast holder" inside is broken and just wiggles around. Does anyone know where these things go and how to put them back?

thank you!

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becky, what model is your toaster?


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It's a "classic style electronic" - thank you! I should say, my son and I figured it out. The spring and rod went vertically through a hole connected to the lever thing you push down to make toast inside the body. We took the toaster apart and put them back in where they belonged. The toaster now sort of works but the lever doesn't stay down as well as before - you have to keep pushing it hard (as in, get violent with the toaster). It looks like the plastic thingy isn't holding onto the rod as well as it should when in the "down" position. So I think it may break soon. but thank you oldturkey for trying to help! My son hates doing these things but I keep trying to get him interested in "fixin" instead of "pitchin"

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Great job in figuring it out. Keep "fixin'"


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Posting this here because I had a problem with these components on a Toastmaster toaster from home depot. The lever seemed jammed and I would have to struggle with it to adjust. I opened it up and I noticed there was a spring on the rod, above and below the lever. I had to pull the top one downwards back into place, and rethread the bottom one. Then I had to fold down a flap of metal at the top of the rod to hold it in place.

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