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1 broken pin on the intel DG41RQ BOARD LGA 775 socket.


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If a pin is bent, it is possible to repair, but it is very tricky since they are so small. I was able to use a sharp X-acto knife with a magnifying glass (and good light) to carefully push a pin back into shape.

If a pin is broken off, there might be hope, depending upon what pin it was. If it was a power or ground pin, then the system may still work fine without it, since there are redundancies for those. If it was a pin for a DIMM slot (LGA1156 or LGA1366, not LGA775), then you'll be okay as long as you don't use the associated slot.

However, if it's a critical pin, then the odds are poorer. If there's a bit of pin remaining, then it's theoretically possible to take a pin off from a trashed socket and attach it to what remains with a conductive adhesive (or possibly just wedging it in). But this is speculation on my part.

If you're really lucky, or you can afford it, you can find someone with a professional hot air or infrared rework station. The entire socket can be removed, the board cleaned, and a new socket installed. This is typically cost prohibitive to do on consumer equipment like PC motherboards, unless the motherboard is really high-end.

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i have bga rework station (wds 4860) and i want how removed a socket lga 775 to anew socket i need a video plz


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find a old board with the same pins. cut the solder of the back with a stanley knife ir grind if with a abrasive end on a drill or alike.

Push pin through socket from the back of the board,

go to halfords or alike and buy a rear winscreen metal conductive paint for about £11.00.

Purchase a tiny held held drill bit and holder from a good tool shop.Drill through the socket in the hole of the broken pin , keeping the hand held drill bit as straight as possible, twist slowly and push down at the same time.

the bit will go staight through the board- be pateint it will go through.

get the replacement pin and insert it in the hole just drilled, the piece of staight pin will stick out at the back of board ,even if its a bit short it should be ok.

Get your conductive paint bottle and insert a coctail stick or nail in the bottle, so there is a tiny blob of conductive paint on the tip and using a pair of gasses or magnifying glass dab the tiny piece of pin on the back of the board where the drill hole is, dont try and solder as it will make contact with the other pins.- let it dry for a bit, with a bit of luck this works.-PS check the new pin is in the right place and pointing in right direction in its place in socket.


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this is a no go. the socket is soldered on top of the pcb with balls. you do need a heated bed and an infra red or hot air station to push the temerature rom the bed from i.e. 200 degrees C to the melting temperature of the solder. Drilling through the board in most cased would be fatal.


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Carefully, with a flathead screwdriver, try to unbend it if its just bent. If its broken (snapped) off, its virtually impossible to fix it, sorry.

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Just a bit of an idea here. When I was experimenting with linux music/media boxes made of random old parts I came across a similar problem. You can buy a small tool that is designed to fit around these pins so you can apply much less force than using a screwdriver or knife, although these methods are perfectly fine as well. While I was using an old Pentium D I noticed that one of the outer pins was missing. I grabbed a very small capacitor from my parts box and thinned down the leg until it would fit into the motherboard socket. Then using a tiny amount of conductive glue i connected my new leg to the nub left on the board. Its been two years and the computer is still working with no problems. Of course I don't know if that pin was redundant, but it might be worth a shot for you.

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yes it is 100000000% possible to repair.

I did it yesterday evening with my intel dg31pr there was broken pin with my mother board,

1st step-

you need a old mother board with same 775 socket

2nd step-

remove the pin from root of old bad mother baord socket

3rd step-

if u will remove the pin correctly from your bad board this pin will be very long.


step this pin will be in two segments break this pin from center, and throw away the botom side pin and keep uper segement of your pin.

5th step- then put this pin in your new board (broken pin board) on the uper side of the hole there the pin is broken with little pressure.

it will work 10000000000000000%

no need for any glue or solder or anything else and plz dnt solder that if you will solder the pin that will meltdown with processor heat.

if u did not uderstand send me message at (haroon552@yahoo.com)

i will send you the procedure with pictures

Muhammad Haroon


Facebook: haroon552@yahoo.com

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That sounds like a great way of fixing it. You should make a guide for ifixit ...


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