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Screen not illuminating when I turn on the PowerBook

When I have shut down my PowerBook completely and power it back up, I get the normal sounds of the system booting up but the screen does not illuminate. I can get it to work again by reseting the small reset button on the back, in between the modem and s-video sockets. I hold this in for 10 seconds then release, the PowerBook shuts down, I then press the power button the system boots up and everything works ok screen included?

Could anyone help me with this one please?

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Thanks for your detailed reponse!

I can confirm I have OSX 10.4 running on this PowerBook, and the RAM has not been upgraded recently.

The problem seems not to be when the unit sleeps and awakes, but as in my original post above when I completely shut the computer down (off) and then start it back up. I have tried putting the compter to sleep and waking it back up a number of times and it has worked correctly everytime.

Thanks for your help so far, have you any other thoughts?


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Wake from sleep know issues

with some versions of software. Please state what version of x you're using 10.?

Bad RAM can cause this,'' but unless you've just upgraded/changed RAM it's probably not an issue.''

Things to try

  • Set your system preferences to never go to sleep, close the PowerBook only when you want to put it to sleep. When you want to wake it, press CTRL-apple-Delete.
  • Do not connect, disconnect external devices during sleep. Also appears that, in some cases, disconnect all external devices before putting the machine to sleep helps.
  • Turn off all Wake/Other options in Energy Saver Some have found that turning off all special automatic sleep options has resolved this problem (remote desktop, file sharing etc.).

Good Luck,


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good advice +


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