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System won't read discs?

The system starts up fine, and I can fart around in the menus all I like, but when I put a game or movie in, it starts to load (in the event of games, it even shows the graphic on the menu), but it stops and powers off. Any thought?

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Which version/update? Please amend or add a comment.


It is likely overheating OR the power supply is dying (voltage drops below spec). Those are the only two ways I know to force a power down. Could also be an issue in the power control chip.


Does the red LED flash before the shutdown?


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I would first try to check/clean the laser with a soft microfibre cloth.

use the following guide to disassemble it: Playstation 3 Optical Drive Replacement

but many ps3 lasers are "dying" - never had a "dead" one, but the ps2 had a similar problem and every ps2 i had with that issue, had "burned in" dust on the laser - i've cleaned it and everything worked as normal

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