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Repair guides and support for cars manufactured by Honda's luxury vehicle division, Acura.

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Why is ac blowing warm air?

My 2004 Acura MDX is blowing warm air. Sometimes the air will be cold and sometimes not. I haven't checked the freeon levels yet. What could be some other causes?

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Josh, bad compressor, bad evaporator, leaking condenser, bad fan etc. So there are quite a few things that can go wrong. Start with the simplest of all, have your refrigerant checked and refilled if necessary.

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Josh - just had the same problem. Tried to fix it myself with a "do it yourself" refrigerant charge. No use. Finally took it into the local repair shop and it turned out that the refrigerant tube between the main unit and the rear heater/AC console was "corroded and worn". Anyway - $750 and 2 days later and I had cold air!

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test the Clutch relay by swapping it with your headlight relay (same part) No headlights = bad relay.

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