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Help Identify Unknown Metal Part From Chassis

I am doing a chassis replacement for an iPhone 4. The absolute last part I pulled out was the front-facing camera. It had a pesky bracket which had to be removed with considerable force.

The bracket popped out and I removed the front-facing camera, but I also noticed a tiny metal part which landed on my desk. I have spent a good fifteen minutes fiddling with it and looking through other iFixit photos trying to see where it fits in the chassis but am pretty lost.

The part looks like this

Block Image


Block Image


Can someone advise where does this part go please? It would be great if you could point me to a relevant guide pic with diagram pointing to where it should go. I would greatly appreciate your help.



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That piece is a component of the vibrate/mute switch assembly.


Here is the whole iFixit instructions:

iPhone 4 Vibrate Ring Switch Replacement

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Thank you, that was most helpful.

I am now trying to reassemble the mute switch and facing extreme difficulty. I put the outer switch in, then the inner switch, then the metal bracket to top it off. However if I screw the top screw first (nearest 3.5mm jack), then the bottom screw will not go in even if visual inspection shows that the holes line up.

If I put in the bottom screw first, the top screw will go in a little awkward and the switch will be very stiff in its assembled state. I have tore my skin trying to slide the switch.

The whole thing looks normal when reassembled, it's just very, very tight. I cannot loosen the screws because they're so short and run the risk of popping out when sliding the switch.

I've already spent 3 hours on this part. Can someone offer words of advice please?

Edit: Why is iFixit removing all paragraphing and lumping the post into a wall of text?


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