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Replace Broken HDMI Port

The HDMI output to my PS4 recently broke. The pins inside the PS4 jammed and broke off. Now my PS4 has no output signal.

I called Sony and was told it was user error so they won't replace it for me.

The port is missing at least 2 pins. I have already taken the PS4 apart and couldn't figure out a solution. Is this part replaceable? Where I can find the part?

Thank you,

Block Image

Block Image

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did you ever find the hdmi part? i need the same


I have these for sale. I can also replace the port for you. Simply click on my name and go to my business listing. There is a link to my website from there. You'll find my list of services, consoles and parts there.


Are PS3 and Ps4 HDMI ports interchangeable? If I take the port from a bricked PS3, could I put it in my PS4? I could do it myself I just don't feel like waiting forever for a PS4 port.


Hi Derrick! Unfortunately, no they are not interchangeable. They are very different. No other HDMI ports will work for PS4's. They are specifically made for the PS4 system.


Thanks @ stevelporter. I've been looking to buy a bricked PS4 I even had someone try to sell me one for $125 with no HD, busted case, and broken motherboard..lol. I'll order from your site. Any idea how long it would take to receive the part if your shipping to NY state? Or do you offer any express shipping options?


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you'd need an exact match for that port. And someone with a good bit of soldering experience. Flux, a desoldering gun for the anchor points. It should be possible - I'd find an experienced TV repair tech.

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hot air soldering will make it a lot easier...


Would I be able to do it at home with a hairdryer


No you will not The Potato


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Yes, the HDMI port on the PS4 is quite a bit different from the previous consoles; thus VERY easy to break, and also making the repair a little more difficult without the proper tools.

The best way to replace the port is with a hot-air rework station, an ultra fine point soldering iron, and a high-powered microscope.

Here are the steps:

1) Remove the motherboard from the case, and clean the old thermal paste.

2) Apply flux to the existing port connections, then begin heating the posts and pins evenly with the rework station.

3) Once the existing solder has reached its melting point, use tweezers to SLOWLY remove the old port.

4) Now clean the board, and inspect for any damaged traces (depending on the severity of the port damage)

5) Now position the new port in place, add solder to the posts to hold it in place, apply flux to the pins, and then individually solder each pin to the motherboard using the soldering iron.

Providing you followed the steps, the unit will boot like normal once you re-assemble.

That said, if anyone needs any assistance (or advice) with their repair, please give us a call anytime!

We are more than happy to help.


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If anyone would like us to perform the HDMI replacement service for you, OR if you would like to discuss any questions about our procedure; please visit our Profile Page for our contact information.

We accept local, national, and global shipments!

Have a great day.


How much do you charge???


Our HDMI Port Repair/Replacement services range from $49 to $79, and our turn-around time is 24 hours or less.

We have replaced over a thousand HDMI ports since the PS4 was released, and we use the proper tools to professionally perform the service the right way, the first time. (no heat guns or hair dryers like you see on YouTube)

Call anytime, our information is in our Profile Page.


dr GEEKsters


is it worth trying to remove the port using a heat gun?


We would not recommend it; you can potentially damage the motherboard using that method.




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I've been trying to attempt this repair for a few days just using a lot of flux and a soldering workstation with a hot air attachment. All of the traces are there from when I removed the old HDMI port, so I know that that part of the mobo is good. The problem I'm having is that I still get no video output after putting a new HDMI port in. And upon closer inspection of the HDMI ports backside it looks as if all of the connections are making contact, but I just can't see close enough with my big magnifier to see if they really are attached to the appropriate solder pad or not. Is there a better way to solder just the itty bitty tiny connectors onto the solder pads? Because this is getting really frustrating.

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Yes, there is a much better way! I use a microscope and soldering pencil. I've got a tutorial on my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_i...

Sounds like those small pins are just not soldered on completely.


i too have replaced my HDMI Port and the IC Chip on the underside (Panasonic MN86471A). i will double double check the pins with a microscope since someone said pins may not be fully connected...

But as of now. i replaced the HDMI Port and the IC chip and still no display..

i will post results as soon as i have more time...

- TekBotz East LA -


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