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Wine refrigerators, also known as wine coolers, are specialized appliances designed to preserve and enhance the quality of wines.

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Magic Chef model MCWC50DST wine cooler EFF error?

This is for a Magic Chef model MCWC50DST wine cooler. The unit stops working with a "EFF" error on the digital temp display randomly. It will restart when the power cord is disconnected and plugging in again. It runs OK for a few days and then EFF again!

I keep the coils free of dust frequently.

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I have this same model but a different problem.

The Starting Relay on the compressor failed and I was able to source a new part. The compressor still does not start, display is normal, nothing smells burned, compressor not warm, no voltage across the run winding and the thermal breaker. I suspect something on the control board or bad windings on the compressor. What should they Ohm at?


I have the same issue with EFF on my model. I unplug and replug but the EFF returns. This has been happening for weeks now. Is there a fix?


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don't think I've eve seen such bad reviews on a product and absolute lack of repair information. My best bet would be an Evaporator Fan Failure, but it's just a guess as the manual says nothing about error codes. Sorry I could not be of more help.

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Thanks for the help! I looked up Magic Chef Evaporator fan failure EFF error and the link said the motor usually fails after 2 years, our unit is over 5 years old. I tried blowing out the motor to see if that helps, if the error happens again I'll try replacing the motor.


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Just last night I put a unit like this under my counter where a dishwasher used to be. Is that not enough room to vent? EFF is blinking.

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If it vents in the front then you should be fine; minimum to no side clearance needed. Keep in mind most small wine and beverage cooler are free standing and can’t be installed in an enclosure. That should be clearly standard in the manual. As easy check - if the door goes all the way to the floor, then it generally can’t be installed in an enclosure ( no front air circulation vents). That is one of the advantages of Magic Chef. They make under cabinet coolers that are under $500. I got the EFF code issue after 6 years. My install has zero clearance on the sides, 1 inch on top and 4 inches in the back.

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