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Not booting after replacing upper case

I had my 12" fully operational, with the upper case unattached, screws out, and no battery installed. installed Tiger, put in an empty battery, powered down, and charged overnight.

Just put the upper case back together with all screws, tried to boot up, and I get the fan, but not boot, no screen, no chime, nothing. I'm completely baffled, because the only change between yesterday and today is that I reattached the upper case. Removed the screws and battery, and still nothing.

Any ideas?

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These units were/are notorious for GPU heat sink issues. I suspect disassembly probably stressed the board enough to fracture the well known poor solder to the GPU.

There are two known DIY possible ways to resurrect the GPU. One is the "catching fire" method. the other is Shimming under the GPU and the lower case to put pressure on the GPU.

Neither "fix" is permanent.

Sometimes this issue can be verified by applying pressure to the outside case enough to push against the logic board about where the GPU rests.

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The cable that connects the hard drive to the logic board may have come loose, try disconnecting the cable and reattaching it. I had the same problem on my 17" powerbook, once the cable was reconnected the laptop booted normally.

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