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The Kindle 4 has 4 models released September 28, 2011.

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How to restore a deleted folder

I have accidentally deleted a folder from my kindle 4 and all my books have gone how can I restore the folder to load more books.

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Hi, I need to remind you one thing which is very important is that after you meet the situation you've met, don't use your Kindle. OK? If you keep using it, you may cause the data overwritten situation and once this situation happens, you may lose the chance of getting back your files.

Now, I will explain why the data overwritten situation will make you fail to recover your files and the possibility of lost file recovery process.

First thing first, the data overwritten.

In a simple way to explain this to you. You have a file which name "File A" on your flash drive. When you delete it or format your flash drive, the system will not really delete it. The system only frees up the space which was belonging to "File A" so that this space can be used by other new files you may put into this flash drive later. At this moment, you still have chance to recover your files. If you put a new file which is named "File B" into this drive, the "File B" will take the space of "File A", this is the so-called data overwritten situation. Once you meet this situation, the probability of file recovery will be reduced.

The second thing, how to recover your files.

You can choose the repair shop or data recovery tools. Each of them can help you a lot. But you need to pay attention if you send your flash drive to the repair shop, save your private information like bank account information on your computer but not the flash drive so that you can keep them safe. (I assume you store this kind of information on your flash drive.)

And if you choose the data recovery tools, some tips I can give you. The software must offer you the free scan option because you can use it to scan your drive first to see if it can find your files or not. If yes, you can decide to buy it or not. (PS: Some files will rename your files so that it can list the recovered files in a new list.)

You can try the freeware, but make sure you download it from the safe website but not download it from nowhere. Also, make sure it won't bring you ads or virus.

The last thing, build a backup for your files. This is the best way to avoid data loss problem. Hope my answer can help you a lot. Or you can read this post to see if it can help you or not: http://www.uflysoft.com/data-recovery-ma... Good luck.

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