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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a smartphone noted for its combination of a large display and software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus.

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Galaxy note 2, black screen after repair


So I dropped my note 2 and broke the glass only.

The touch screen was working and everything but the cracked glass bugged me so much I decided to get the glass fixed by a friend.

My friend told me that it was a difficult process to separate the glass and the digitizer and that if he failed, I would have to replace both of them.

He eventually failed in just replacing the glass. He said that he thinks he overheated the LCD when trying to separate them. So I bought the glass+digitizer combo and gave the new part to him so he can fix it.

I was there when he was putting it all together but when he was done the screen would not power on. When you power on, the sound would work but all I would see is a black screen. When I pull the stylus, the phone recognizes it with a sound but the screen shows nothing................Just a black screen.

He said that the same thing happened before with my old parts and that he assumed it was broken which is why he had me buy a new part. But since both the old/new parts are having the same reaction he told me to return the part I purchased.

Now he doesn't know whats wrong with the phone.......

Anybody have an idea?

I google searched everywhere and found some that were having same problems as me but couldn't find any solutions.

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can u please help my samsung note 2 is blacked out i need help fast'


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You friend sounds like a real wiz at repairs lol

Only thing I can say is that make sure he has the screen display seeded correctly if it is and still a black screen then it's either a faulty screen or damaged lcd pins on the motherboard

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I have had a similar problem with a recent repair that I did. However, the replacement LCD assembly that I ordered worked properly. It may be a faulty part that y'all received. LCD assemblies are sensitive pieces of hardware when shipped alone without the mid-frame. Simply dropping a phone and not having signs of breakage can cause an LCD to not function.

Anyways.. I'm interested in hearing how this turns out for you. Hopefully the replacement part is the cause! You may consider reordering the replacement part with the frame already attached to the LCD assembly. That is predominately how I order my replacements as they are less likely to suffer any shock damage.

Oh! One tip for your friend. Check the cables that are at the top of the LCD without the glass on (of course) as they have a tendency to bunch-up and bend to extreme angles when removing the glass. It's an inevitable thing, but it is wise to inspect them. DO NOT PULL UP ON THE CABLES AS THEY ARE ATTACHED TO THE LCD/DIGITIZER/BACKLIGHT BACKING!

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Hey guys, the same thing happened to me and all it is, is damage to the motherboard so when u go to the mall or something to get it fixed mention the motherboard to make sure.

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