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Also known as Samsung Galaxy Note 4G, Samsung SGH-I717, Samsung Galaxy Note LTE released in January of 2012.

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Replaced Charging Port (micro usb) Mic not working

I replaced the charging port on a Samsung Galaxy Note (sgh-i717m), charger works perfectly, however the microphone doesnt work. I did a little bit more research to determine the microphone is also part of the board that houses the micro usb charger.

Could it just be a faulty part or, did i miss something?

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You're absolutely right!

Charging socket assembly also contains the main microphone, do a test by making a call and when the speaker mode on the other side should hear you.

If on the other phone hear you when you're on speaker mode on your phone then the mic on charging port is not good.

You can replace it with the previous microphone if you have the knowledge and equipment to replace it ... or just ask you to replace the part you bought.

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Perfect, thank you very much! We'll be getting a replacement part.


Perfect; thanks! Broke my USB port on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Had it replaced by a local shop. Charging is back to normal, but the mic is dead :-( At least I'll sound intelligent when I take the phone back tomorrow :-)


Same thing here: I replaced the charging port on my Note 3, but now mic is dead. Sure enough, speakerphone mode works fine. Using speakerphone for every call is not ideal but it provides a very handy workaround while I wait for the replacement part to arrive. Thank you to Fixmart Laboratory for posting the info above. Very helpful.


Can anyone confirm that the replacement part fixed it?


Yup! I bought two of the replacement parts online (just in case), did the replacement myself; no problems since!


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Havent you know dark yellow vistable sticker on your usb port bored removed then then should work i have done my phone twice time that stupid guy never put remove on paper how to fix your phone

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Despite the poor English, and arrogance of this user, this solution worked for me.

There was a tiny yellow sticker placed over the microphone on the Nexus Charge Port. When the phone returned with next to no Mic volume I figured it was a faulty part, but after reading this comment I found the sticker and removed it.


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when I replaced the samsung j2 2016 model charging jack mic not working

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