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ps4 cut on then off

when i cut my ps4 on it stays on for 2 seconds then cut back off i here a ding sound when it cuts off how can i fix

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Most of the time when this type of problem happens is for one of 2 reasons:

1) A bad power supply.

2) Faulty solder joints under the APU chip.

Since you hear a beep when it shuts off it is probably not a bad power supply. All of the ones I've had with bad power supply's would not make any noise.

You may have faulty solder joints or even a bad APU chip. You could try having it reflowed or reballed but there is no guarantee that will fix it. If the chip is bad then the only way to get it working is to replace the chip.

I'm happy to take a look at it if you would like: http://www.tronicsfix.com/how-it-works.h...

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I don't have a warranty brought from eBay :(


I have the Same issue with my PS4 and I Brought from Ebay and I Travel with my PS4 to other country and I dont have any Guarantee on this country I need to shipped this back and just shipping it is almost the price i spend for these PS4..... any solution on this.


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