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Is optical drive cable much slower than hard drive cable?

Is optical drive cable much slower than hard drive cable? In numbers, if a data takes 100 seconds to be transferred in the hard drive cable how long will it take in the optical drive cable?

I want to replace my optical drive with a SSD and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be significantly better to put the SSD in the hard drive place and the hard drive in the optical drive place.

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It's not a matter of the optical drive cable vs. the hard drive cable. It's a matter of what technology the cables use. For example, SATA II is faster than SATA I.

If you've got a recent Mac, your optical drive and hard drive cables are most likely running the same speed SATA and are therefore interchangeable.

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I have a MacBook from late 2010


MacBook or MacBook Pro? 13", 15" or 17"?


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