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Canon's Rebel XT is one of Canon's early entry-level DSLR's. Also marketed as the EOS 350D and the EOS Kiss Digital N.

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Flash will not pop up

The built-in flash on my digital Canon Rebel XT (a.k.a. 350D) will not pop up. The camera body clicks whenever it tries to activate the flash, and pressing the manual flash release button doesn't work either. It displays an "Error 05" message, meaning something is preventing the flash from opening, but there is no apparent obstruction, and gently pressing or wiggling the flash assembly will not release it. How can I release it and correct whatever is causing it to stay closed?

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Hi Tom,

See this article here. I hope it helps.


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Thanks for the reference; unfortunately, the method of opening the flash described in that article simply refuses to work with my Rebel XT. I cannot find any way to release the flash that doesn't risk breaking the flash hook or other part through excessive force, or doesn't require major detailed disassembly of the camera body.


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