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How to disassembly the Stylistic Q702 for RAM upgrade?

Hi there,

want to upgrade the ram on my Stylistic Q702 but do not know how to disassemble it. I removed the 4 screws on the back but cannot pry it open.

Any help appreciated!

Thank you!

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Sadly, many of these ultra thin systems don't have room for removable memory modules (soldered RAM). If you read the spec sheet it clearly states permanently Installed

Apple was leader here with the MacBook air and most as thin Ultrabook Windows systems follow Apples lead here.

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I am afraid to let you know that you can't upgrade the ram on this device. It is soldered directly to the motherboard, as stated by fujitsu in the datasheet.


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It’s not hard to pry open…. pop off the top section at the corners. Then pop off the lower two sections at the corners. It’s just held in by clips. It comes off pretty easily (although I did crack one side of the unit by pulling too hard… so be careful of that… but that was before I popped it off easier at the corners.

I opened mine to add more thermal paste to the CPU. It was generating too much heat and the fan got really loud… now, it’s relatively quiet.

But yes, I couldn’t find the RAM to replace because it is soldered on. I do plan on swapping out the mSATA board in the future though… there’s a slot in mine for the LTE unit… so I need to research that one to see if I can find one to put in here.

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