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2.4GHz, 2.7GHz, or 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache. Released February 2013.

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Black Screen on Startup , no HDMI & VGA problem!

Hello, I have a problem with my MacBook Pro [early 2013 15 inch retina display]; the problem is in the screen and the HDMI and thunderbolt ports,

Here the video i recorded to explaining my problem


- as I show you in the video the problem is when I wake up my laptop or restart the screen stay black (doesn't work) I should close it for 30 seconds and open it again (sometimes I do this step 2 or 3 times) and it's work good, about the HDMI and thunderbolt ports they doesn’t work.

I've try to reset NVRAM & PRAM , but nothing work !

I’m facing this problem from 4 month ago, and I search a lot on the web to fix it but there's no solution! This problem starts one day when I was browsing internet and playing music, suddenly my laptop screen came black and the sound was killed, when I press any button in the keyboard it make sound, so I had to force shutdown my mac, after that the problem starts, after 2 months it repeated once and this time my Mac gave me a report logs.

panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff80004dbf5e): Kernel trap at 0xffffff800084c16e, type 13=general protection

Systems Log (full)

Hope anyone here can help me.

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I have the same exact symptoms on my MBP Retina 15" Mid 2012 model. The only way to get the screen to work is to make it go to sleep after booting up and wake it up. The thunderbolt or HMDI ports also do not work. Do you know how much it cost to fix this problem?


I was told by the Apple Genius, after assessing my MBP, the repair cost would be expensive approx ~AUD1000 (new casing $600+ plus new main board $400+) because they have attributed the cause to be a small dent close to where the thunderbolt port is. And yes, the HDMI port does not work in this case as well. Hope this info helps! :)


Same here and every once in awhile the screen will go black and then reappear


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It costs me a new logic board !

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How much for a logic board ?


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I would try setting up a bootable USB thumb drive, then restart it off of the thumb drive. Use the control panel boot disk setting to select the USB drive. What happens then? If that worked you'll need to redo the OS.

I would strongly recommend you make a backup of all of your files before doing the next step.

Now run Disk Utility on the SSD make sure to do disk & permission repairs (you may need to do it a few times). If after 10 times it is still coming back with errors you'll need to reformat the SSD and install a fresh copy of the OS.

Hopefully its an OS issue and not a hardware issue. If it is a hardware issue you may want to bring this into an Apple Store as it sounds like it may need a new logic board.

Given the GPF (Panic call) it could be either a hardware or OS level issue.

Let us know how it goes - Good luck!

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Swapping in new logic board appears to be the standard procedure Apple will do. Apple will not attempt to repair any faulty main logic board, as surface mounted boards are tricky to repair. When in doubt, they will just prescribe the new logic board option to their customer. The issue with this approach is, with the high-level integration on the logic board, it will mean getting a new CPU, GPU and the lot even if there is only one tiny fault in one component. This approach would mean additional cost for customers. Also noted that the current version of MBP shell are not tough at all, compared to the last generation. The thickness of the aluminium at various edges is simply too thin and can easily be dented to cause internal damage...maybe Apple should look into reinforcing the corner and edges to provide better protection.

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Most likely to do with malfunctioning Discrete Graphics Card.

I had a MacBookPro 15" Retina suffering from same problem only after 2 years of use.

Upon a power down or restart, the screen goes black. The keyboard is still responsive.

To get the screen back, it is possible to put the laptop into sleep mode. Make the unit is turn off first, then press the power button to start up. When you notice that the keyboard backlit is on, perform another short press the on/off button to put the unit into sleep mode, wait for about a minute, then press on/off or any key to bring the unit up. In most cases, this (for some reason) will activate the use of the built-in Intel Integrated graphics card.

You should be able to use the laptop for most application, limited by what performances the Intel Integration Graphics Card can offer.

In most cases, if you only put the laptop into sleep mode, the screen should come back on when awaken. However, if you put the unit into shutdown/restart mode, you will need to repeat the above process to get the screen to display.

This is only a workaround to get the screen working, it is not a fix.

As mentioned by other solution posted, the discrete graphics chip needs replacing, which can be a costly fix. However if integration graphics is all you need, this workaround may be an acceptable solution.


Last Friday I've updated it to Yosemite OSX , after that I've updated iMovie , iTunes , Keynote , and software update , also I've updated my Kies for Samsung , it ask me to restart my laptop and I did that , after that my laptop wont start again just the start OSX sound with no keyobard control or screen.

I've took it to Apple Authorized Center in Amman - Jordan they tell me that my logic board is dead !


@zaidabbas exactly what u experience with installing a new app and having the app request a restart! , that’s what I’m dealing with but with a slight different way. When it restarts now it takes awhile for the Apple boot up screen to finish loading to the end and it seems go black but the backlit keyboard is still lit and exactly how u describe it with no sound coming out . And I’ve been using this laptop for over a year and apple care instructed me to do the (Command + Option + R ) to try a troubleshoot tip but I get a Black screen with a padlock :( .


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I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t done it myself. When I replaced the hard drive with an Apple hard drive, not one from a third-party, the machine boots.

Beforehand I could press the power button and would get fans, but no image on screen and no chime.

Sometimes with the third-party hard drive in the computer I could press the F1 or F2 button repeatedly upon start up and I could get an image—if I had the HDMI cord plugged in. I’m not sure the logic behind it, but I suspect it had to do with it trying to throw the image to the external monitor. I never did get an image to the external monitor, but having the HDMI cord plugged in in combination with the repeated pressing of F1 or F2 would make the image come up on the Mac’s display.

Once I put the original hard drive back in or put in a Apple hard drive, everything worked fine.

Good luck, and I hope this works for y’all.

Chris Leeds

Certified Independent Apple Specialist

Well Connected Life

Dallas, Texas

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