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The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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Internal Memory Storage Card

Can the internal memory storage card (if not integrated into the motherboard) be replaced with a higher capacity, say 64GB?

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Thank you oldturkey03 and Duane for your good recommendations. Actually I was looking at extracting the internal sd or memory card (if any) out of the phone and replace it with a higher capacity, preferably 64GB. It would be nice to know how can this be done, from disassembling the phone to taking out the card.

Appreciate to know if this is possible.


Thanks again for the follow up. Maybe I should have not used the term SD card. I was exploring the idea of replacing the internal storage of the phone (where the OS and in house apps) are stored and replace it with a higher capacity e.g. 32 or 64Gb instead of replacing the phone. I have only 16Gb which is limited.

I guess the cheapest way is to transfer the data from internal memory to external (micro SD card) and make it appear that the external card is the internal.


Rene, that is something that can not be changed. That particular memory is soldered onto the logic board and can not be changed (unless you have extensive experience, skills and special tools as well as programming experience;-)


oldturkey03 - do you know someone who could remove the memory from a fried mother board and place into a different mother board? We have been told the mother board is dead. Also, would we need a mother board from the same telecom company? It looks like you do from this post https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Guide/16537 this phone is with Telus in Canada. TIA


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Use Foldermount, Move to SD does not move your files to external sd card but rather to the Internal one.

Foldermount will show you the folders that eat your internal SDcard and move them to external SDcard as soon as you create it.

The cons:

You must root your phone.

External SDcard will be exhausted and will cause hotness in the mobile phone external card area.

Be sure to use Greenify to hibernate apps and apps manager to close running in background processes and most of all autostart apps to disable apps that will run in startup.

please do not greenify foldermount

Be sure to finish all those important startup apps running before using your phone.

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Rene, if you are talking about the microSD card, then yes you can upgrade that to a 64GB. There are limitations to what you can place on a Micro SD card. I appears as if the OS will not let you save Apps, Movies and most music to the memory card.

Block Image


Rene, I am still not sure that we are talking about the same thing here. You are referring to things like "internal sd or memory card" To remove and change the microSD card just follow this guide There is no other memory storage that can be changed or added. Hope this helps, good luck.

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If you're pretty confident, head over to xda developers.

Theres a sub forum for every Android phone, and shows how to root your phone (admin access) takes 30 seconfs to actually do the procedure!!! Once rooted, there's apps that allow you to transfer your apps tonthr sd card. And there is a eay to combine both the sd and phone memory together. But would recommend buying class 10 card which would be fast enough to allow you to do this.

Also, there's reports of the make San Disk which can die? I've got Kingston in mins, and never haf a problem.

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Thanks Bud it was an enlightening exercise. We will never know unless we dare try and find out.

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There is a way, but it's expensive. You could keep an eye out for a motherboard going as spares repairs, or a whole phone with a smashed LCD. Then swap the motherboards around, and install your backup via Kies. You could then sell your one once successful, which would then make it fairly cheap. I don't think there's a difference in logic board design between higher/lower memory models.

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