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The Dell Latitude E6500 laptop PC was released in August 2008. The Latitude has a 15.4 in with a 500 GB hard drive

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I need to disable the PW on my laptop...

On my old desktop, via the motherboard. There's a jumper pin to disable the PW. Is there one on a Dell E6500 Latitude, and do you have a schematic of the MB and a list of the surface mount jumper designations?


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Kevin Wilson, no there is not one. /most modern laptops no longer store the password in battery-backed RAM. those were the once you could reset by pulling the battery or a jumper setting. More modern motherboards use standard SPI flash chips to store the BIOS data. You should contact Dell and once you prove you are the rightful owner, they will help you. There may be a few ways to get it reset with your Service tag number. Check on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for the assist.


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