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Cannot eject stuck CD

Stuck CD ! How to access optical drive ? Thank you

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Here is a link to a previous question that should help you.

It says to turn the computer on while holding down the mouse button.

Some people use a two sided tape technique to get it out.

Others try to eject the disc with the computer on it's side and let gravity help.

Only the earliest iBooks had a manual eject on the drive.

Still others have found the drive bezel bent and used a wide flat head screwdriver to "open up" the slot more to make room for the disc to come out.

Good luck, you'll get it.


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Yip, holding the mouse button down worked for me. Thanks for being here, great site this.


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I don't know if this will help in your case, but this method worked my iBook G4 with a failed logic board. Try alt-booting until you see a blue screen with an arrow on the right, and a sort of bent arrow on the left. Once the cursor turns from a watch to a regular pointer, press and hold the "eject" key.

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