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Oil inside Screen...Will it Dry?

I accidentally spilled a bottle of essential oil inside my bag with my iPod Touch still inside.

It works fine...for now but there is large oilstain marks (like pockets of oil) inside the screen and everything is a lot darker.

Will it dry out over time or should I try to open it and clean the screen out. I don't want it to short circuit randomly one day.

I plugged it into my computer in hopes that the heat will warm and dry the oil inside...Would this be a good idea?

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I have oil in my MacBook Pro's screen. I have no idea how to get it out. [ It's been there for two days now. ] Can anyone tell me how to get it out? PLEASE D:

Thank you


Post this as a separate question


I got oil in my ipod and it wont turn on please please help if u know what to do


i got oil on my ipod and the whole screen is dark with little rays of light coming from the top and bottom and some oil stains right smack in the middle of the screen the volume was acting funny too but i just blew into the volume sound holes and it got cleared . but i tried keeping my ipod in rice for a night and it didn’t work. what elise do i do?


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Probably not the best idea, if you know what heat does to oil...

If you act quickly perhaps there will be no damage to the LCD, what you need to do is use this guide to remove the glass, and clean off all the oil residue. You can soak the front panel in rubbing alcohol, and use a paper towel with rubbing alcohol on it to carefully wipe any residue off the LCD.

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+ Ralph


+ The oil is a liquid that can cause shorts just like any other!


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