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The Dell Optiplex 745 small form factor is a compact desktop computer that has been a work office favorite, and still sits at desks to this day.

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Why does my device randomly shut off?

Whenever I am playing a video game with intense graphics, my computer tower becomes incredibly hot and sometimes shuts off completely. How do I fix this?

Thanks for your help!

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If you're don't have a powerful graphics card your processor is the component that is pulling the weight to show you that oh so crispy frame rate.

The sudden shutdown of your computer may be due to overheating of your internal components. Namely your processor, the brain of your rig.

Check and see if all of your fans are spinning when you are playing. If you do have a gaming graphics card make sure the fan on it is spinning as well.

Your PC heats up like Arizona cement in the summer when your gaming or running graphically heavy programs. You have to make sure that your rig is getting the cooling it needs.

I've opened the side of my older and under cooled PCs and pointed a stationary fan right into it. Lol! May help you out bud.

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i know this is a long shot but are there any buldging capacitors? if so then replace them.

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