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Due to voltage fluctuation my ps4 stopped working

My playstation stopped working. I got it checked. They said something was wrong with the power supply. I told them to open it and they then said that an IC was burned and we need a new one. Any idea where i can get an IC for a ps4 power supply. Now my Ps4 just beeps and turns off

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Hmm...did they show you what was burned? An "IC" is usually an "integrated circuit" chip. There are several of them in the power supply so you would have to know which one it is.

Did they say they could fix it? Where did you take it?

The problem you are describing could be the power supply, but it can also be caused by bad solder joints under the APU (CPU/GPU) chip.

If you can give me more details I can help you figure this out more.


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Cheaper to buy new power supply. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_kw=PS4+P...

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Always use a adapter with surge protector to keep your ps4 safe from voltage fluctuations and u wont run into such prob


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