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The sixth generation of the Mazda Protegé, also known as the Mazda Familia and the Mazda 323. The five-door fastback edition was known as the Familia Astina or the 323F.

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When pushing the gas peddle for the first time...

My Mazda Protege 91' started to go-stop go-stop when I first hit the gas peddle. Once already moving - no problem. I also noticed that if I am stopped up-hill, the engine cuts off (won't remain idling) + if already in motion (while up-hill)-the back and forth motion won't stop, and it would fail to climb up-hill. I replace the fuel filter, spark plugs + cables and there's no difference for the better.

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Thank you, everyone, for responding. It turned out to be a failing timing-belt. It eventually quit altogether. I'm now looking to see if the valves are bent or not. Either way - it's time for a new car... Thanks again.


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You replaced the fuel filter--did you notice how good was the flow of fuel? I think I would check the fuel pump as the next possibility to cause your problem. You can test it without replacing it--check your owners manual for the method in your vehicle. You might also have debris of some sort in your fuel tank blocking fuel pickup intermittently. I think your basic thought is good and the problem is in the fuel delivery system somewhere. Good luck. Ralph

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+ I definitely agree, this sounds a lot like a bad fuel pump to me.


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I agree it may be the fuel pump, but there may be more than one filter to change! A car that age should still have a good pump, but you never know. Clogged fuel injectors can give the same symptoms as well. My first step after double and triple checking for a second filter would be to add a bottle or two of injector cleaner - I like Techron, it works well. See if that helps.

Simple fuel pump check would be to disconnect the fuel line at the engine- while the engine is cold, preferably after it has sat all night. then stuff the end of the hose into a bottle (I use a 2 litre lol) and observe the rate of flow. If it looks normal, you still may have a problem with pressure. Many auto shops can check your fuel pressure for you for not much $$. I d have them do the checking, unless you have a buddy with a fuel pressure gauge.

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I know in 1990 Mazda still used a disributor cap and rotor.

I can't find any info in my car library that tells if it does still in 1991.

If so, replace them. Double check all wiring to the coil pack if it does't use an old fashioned distributor.

My bet is that it't injector or fuel pump related, but those are other things to look for. Best of luck! Tom

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