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How to fix low VRAM?

Hi everybody,

Many thanks to Machead3 for your answer ! Well, you're right, the Macbook Core 2 Duo Model A1211 is built with 128 Mo of VRAM.

But as I said, the graphic chipset has been replaced after the overheating, but now, the bad thing is that I have just 5 Mo of VRAM instead of 128 Mo.

Is the VRAM comes from graphic chipset or from memory (RAM) modules ? Or perhaps from another component on the logic board ?

Many, many thanks to all the community for all answer about it.

Kind regards from France


PS: I'm sorry if I make any mistake... I'm a newbie for posting on the site.

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Without knowing what GPU/VGC you put in the box I can't answer your question exactly. Generally however "shared VRAM'' is a more recent development and most likely not to be a part of your machine.

The VRAM is either on the card, or when not on the card comes from the machines RAM, only since about 08 has there been both/or switching of VRAM possible.

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