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The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a low-end, slate-format Android device released by Samsung on February 2011. Identifiable by model numbers GT-S5830(i, B, C, L).

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External Memory Card not Accessible?


I have Samsung galaxy ace phone and suddenly the external memory card is not working. It show SD card blank or it has unsupported file system.

I had formatted it, but still gives the same error. For the USB to computer i able not able to access this phone

in-order to de-frag the card ?

Any other apps, tool or trick would be very help full.


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You can try memory card recovery software to retrieve data back from your SD card. Before initiating the recovery process, do not use the SD card for storing more information until the recovery process is complete. Considering that your phone is being recognized by your computer, connect your phone to the computer through a USB cable or card reader. Run the software

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software.

You can simply follow the instructions and copy the files to your desired destination.

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