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Graphics card is bad.

I have a MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1211) 2.16 GHz. Just need to know if the Graphics card is located on the logic board? if not, where is it?

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This model did not have the nVidia GPU. GPU failures are very rare on your machine. Have you tried using an external monitor?


I have not tried an external monitor. When I start up my MacBook I can't even see my user login. Will I be able to still get the computer to display on an external monitor if I can't get past login?


Tried external monitor. All I have is blue screen on both laptop and monitor. Disconnected external monitor and now all I get on laptop is blue screen on start up . Any advice?


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Yes it is soldered to the logic board.

Re-flow is a "shade tree fix" it may work, may not work. If it works it may work for just a little while or for quite a while.

A DIY re-flow is risky - one person here recently baked a logic board in an oven and had components fall off! Since they had no pictures they had no clue where the parts came off.

A "professional" repair or re-flow from a service on e-bay is a different animal... but only you can do the cost analysis .

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