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After replacing LCD, iPod is unresponsive

The backlight on my iPod Touch went out after dropping it in the snow for a few seconds. The iPod had complete functionality just no backlight. I ordered a new LCD from ifixit and installed the new $50 screen following the online instructions. After being as careful as possible to follow every instruction and using the recommended tools, the iPod no longer responds. I tried plugging it in to my iMac that it syncs to and it was not recognized by the iMac that anything was plugged in. I reopened the iPod to see if I missed any connectors. I reseated each of them and still it is unresponsive. I am running out of ideas. Is there anyone that can help me?

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Water damage is tricky. It can manifest a symptom in many ways, but mask the root of the problem. Typically, water will not damage just a peripheral component (such as the LCD). Rather, the logic board will be damaged, and this damage will manifest through component failure.

My guess is that the snow damaged the logic board, and the non-functioning LCD was a warning sign that the logic board is dying. Regardless of how careful you were (and I definitely believe you were careful!), I think the logic board just finally gave up the ghost.

Those are my thoughts, for whatever it's worth. Sorry!

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