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The LN-T5265F model is a 52" HD television from Samsung.

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What cause the picture to go out?

Lost the picture but audio works fine. Disconnected cable box and DVD player but made no difference. Noticed that screen turns a faint deep blue when turned on. Menu,volume, nothing shows on screen Any ideas?

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My television is switching of it self and switching on again but there is not image any more ? what to do ?


Maria Suic, what model is your TV? Any error codes blinking?


Yes mine got error code blinking. How to solve it? @oldturkey03


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John, this model had some issues with substandard capacitors. Take good look at the power supply board (BN44-00150A), and check the caps for bulging or leaking. Pay particular close attention to CM812, CM813, and CS804. Replace all caps from "Samwha", which is a company that took over Samsung capacitor manufacturing in 2002. Hope this helps, good luck.

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hello it was closed almost year not using it


Margrit kräuchi what are the issues with your TV? What is the exact make and model so we can help you with it?


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Its a lot of reason for a LCD TV to go out. One thing I experience was it over heating. Since a TV makes a lot of heat, it components are about to give out. Especially the fan. Which cools it down .

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This model does not have a fan


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