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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это большая версия iPhone 6 с 5.5-дюймовый экраном.

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How to remove a stripped screw without causing other damage?

So I finally got an iPhone 6 Plus, I opened it up to check it out.

During the disassembly I found a few QC issues, one stripped screw in particular. It's one of the screw for the battery connector bracket.

Upon close inspection, the screw seems to be tilted, not all the way into the screw boss and the screw head totally messed up. It won't turn at all, and it sits on an area very easily damaged by brute force. I fear I could ruin it further by attempting a removal, but if I plan to go to Apple to replace the battery, this would surely result in a whole device replacement, which is ridiculously expensive. I can't ask Apple to replace the phone now because it's not exactly a good idea to tell the genius that this phone has a stripped screw.

So guys please give some advices on how to remove this screw. I thank you guys in advance on behalf of some irresponsible guy at Foxconn.

Attached is the image of the stripped screw.

Block Image

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I recently learned that you can use simple things such as a Rubberband. If that doesn't work then you can use a tiny drop of Super Glue onto the screwhead and place the driverhead in the screw and let the bond together and extract.

**BE VERY CAREFUL** using super glue near your device. With rubberband, it's fine to use a bit of muscle when attempting to remove but use cautious judgement. If you start your teardown it's best to complete it in one sitting. Find a clean, quiet location with least amount of distraction. Also most importantly, KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SCREWS AND SCREW PLACEMENT

Most are different sizes throughout the device but they all start to look the same if they're not seperated . One screw in the wrong place could cause PERMANENT, IRREVERSABLE DAMAGE


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no experience with it but ever heard of friction gel? like screwgrab..

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Ended up selling the phone.


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I had a similar problem while working on an iPhone 4S. After trying multiple methods that failed to remove it, I ended up purchasing a screw extractor from Home Depot that worked. The downside is that the extractor has to be put in a drill, but I was able to carefully use it to remove the stripped screw without any problems.

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i would try and carefully score a flathead notch by using a sharp knife (stanley knife or similar). this may take some time and be careful of the filings that will come off. one of those magnetic telescopic magnets mechanics use would be ideal to catch any filings while carefully scoring. 5 minutes of patience and persistence should make this manageable for you to then use a thin flathead to turn the screw

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