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Repair information for the first generation Apple iPad available in Wi-Fi and 3G versions with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage. Released on April 3rd, 2010. Model numbers: A1219 and A1337.

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iPad 1 wont power up or restore

I have an ipad 1 that will not power on. When plugged into the charger, the apple logo flashes over and over. I then put it in DFU mode and attempted a restore on the computer but it got stuck at the "verifying restore with Apple". Then the screen flashes over and ov er, no apple logo, just backlight. It doesnt show anything unless plugged into some sort of power please help please!

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Will replace battery and report back, thanks!


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It sounds similar to the effects of having a bad battery, and being an iPad 1 this is very likely. Look into getting a new battery for it.

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It was indeed the battery. Sold it for a hundred bucks shortly after replacing battery, work(ed) great!


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