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Why my iPod forcibly close opened app


greeting from Indonesia

it's my first time I have and use apple product. especially iPod touch 4th Generation.

i wanna ask something.

why my iPod forcibly close when i opened app?

as example : I had download Subway Surfers, i have sufficient the criteria like iOS 6.

but why when I opened the application, forcibly close?

it's also occurs to my app store.

please help me.

or you can email me at vialialdiano@gmail.com

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1 ответ

You're experiencing an error with software. You need to close the app from the mult-task screen and try again. If this doesn't work you'll need to turn it off, then on.

Still no resolution backup and restore...

More worried about the App store closing than the game. Games have a lot of debugging to be had.

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