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Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in Wi-Fi, CDMA, and GSM models with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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Why is my LCD darker on right side?

I replaced the digitizer on my iPad 4 with Retina display. After putting the new screen on and everything I noticed it was darker on the right side of the screen. After putting it on a white background, it's clear that is is definitely darker on that side. I'm not sure why this is? I was either thinking it could be a bad digitizer and reflecting a darker image on the right side of the screen since I didn't really notice this before I put the digitizer on. Another possible reason might be that I heated the right side too long when taking the old digitizer off. I'm not sure how heat affects the LCD but I would guess that it would burn it up and not display an image if it affected it at all. Please let me know of any solutions that you think would be worth trying. Thanks!

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The only two things that can cause one side of an LCD in an iPad become dim on one side:

Damaged the LCD components on the LCD itself during removal or reinstall


The two circuits controlling the back light were damaged on the logic board.

A digitizer wouldn't single handedly cause this to happen.

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So too much heat to one area wouldn't cause it to be darker on one side? You believe it is just a back-light problem that can be fixed? Thanks!


More then likely one or 2 pins on the lcd connector got damaged when sliding in the cable. If that's the case then you'll need to replace the connector (I suggest the gravity soldering method..)remove board, get yourself a crapload of kapton tape to protect all surrounding components, wrap it really well to ensure nothing gets damaged. Take your quick chip solder paste and spread around all the pins on that connector heat till paste liquifize use flat blade Isesemo to slide underneath and remove port. Clean solder pads once removed with 99% r.alcohol and qtip. Put dab of quick chip paste on each pad making sure you can see space Inbetween pads (should you not do that you risk bridging connection..) (I also put flux on pins of that port to ensure solder grabs to it but some don't..) place port on top of pads, make sure everything is aligned perfect to avoid bridging or having to redo job.. Heat bottom of board with smd solder station till paste liquifize and drops properly into place. Allow to cool & test


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