Originally a 1440x900 rez model I replaced screen with 1680x1050.

I replaced a broken 1440x900 LCD display with a 1680x1050 LCD from laptopscreen.com. Screen works great except for this issue.

The screen stays blank until very late in the bootup process.

Thus I cannot see the screen for the "Option Key" startup volume selection, single user mode, or Firewire disk mode.

I never see the "grey screen Apple" display during boot up, when the screen appears it's directly into the Desktop.

Is there a way to change the firmware to support this screen during bootup?

I have tried reinstalling OSX10.9 from scratch onto an empty disk with no improvement.

Tried SMC reset and NVRAM reset, no love.

This model was originally available with either screen from the factory.

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What does the display control panel say?


What OS are you running?


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