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Display is completely dim-replace LCD?

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to fix this MacBook (2006 A1150 w/100GB hard drive, 256MB video RAM, 1GB RAM) in which the display is about 99% dim. If you hold it at just the right angle you can see the screen but there is no "back" light whatsoever from the moment you turn it on. It chimes fine and starts up, there is just no light on the screen. I'm extremely confused as what most likely needs replacing. From my research this 2GB Core Duo unit has a TFT screen and therefore doesn't have a back lamp? I started following the directions from this site to disassemble the LCD and now starting to second guess myself as what the problem could be... The fact that it never lights up now makes me think it's not the inverter... Any insight is appreciated!

Thanks! Scott

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it could be the inverter cus if that dies it wont light at all but the backlight could also have gone out and TFT does not have anything to do with the backlight. TFT describeds the type of lcd it has TFT=thin film transistor.plus all laptop lcd's have a backlight. i would just recommend you by a replacement lcd since the back light is a light bulb and could have just burnt out.

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Thank you for your expertise and help - sure enough it was the inverter. You saved me from wasting $125! Thanks again!



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