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GE Digital Messaging System identified by the model number 29875GE1

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Why doesn't the remote control work

Device Won't Respond to Remote Control Commands

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Make sure you are using a touch tone (or push button) phone. When you are setting up the remote commands, make sure you are using the correct security code. Also make sure that the unit didn't hang up while you were attempting to enter your remote commands.

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Make sure your components are turned on and yourTV is set to display the appropriate video source.

You must put the remote in the correct mode bypressing the corresponding component key (TV,DVD, VCR, AUX, SAT·CBL) so the remote knowswhich component you want to operate.

Remove any obstacles between the remote and thecomponent. Make sure to aim the remote at the IRsensor on the component.

Make sure the batteries are fresh and are properlyinstalled. Replace the batteries with two new AAAbatteries, if necessary. Reprogramming may berequired.

Reset the remote details are here. , reinstall the batteries,and press the ON·OFF key. If the indicatorlight lights up, reprogram the remote and try again.If it doesn’t light up, replace the batteries with newones

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