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The Iconia A110 is an Android tablet released by Acer in October, 2012. It features a MicroSD slot, HDMI port, a 7" multi touchscreen display, and a 2.0-megapixel front camera.

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USB device not detected on pC

I've got 2 Acer Iconia tablets A110 and one is detected when I connecte it to PC but the other one is NOT detected. The conditions are identical but the results are NOT while connect them to PC. Might anybody help me with a solution? Thanks very much

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Are they running android OS?


Josh, Yes tablets run android OS


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Make sure USB debugging is turned on, it maybe a setting. You can find the USB debugging option in your settings. Depending on what Android OS your running, its either under applications or developer options.

Check the device that connects settings, then check the other device and make sure they match, that's a quick way to rule out a software glitch.

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OK so we are clear here: You have to of the same Acer Iconia tablets using the same USB cable one is able to be seen by the PC and the other not. Both are working and both have the same OS revision.

Try this, with the one that is working leave it plugged in and then using a second USB cable connect it to the second tablet. Is it able to be seen then? If not I suspect the USB port on the tablet is bad.

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