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A series of Gigabit NAS desktop drives of 1TB, 2TB, and 3TB varieties, made by WD in 2010.

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Unable to read device, USB module not working

Hey, i have a 2 tb wd my book external HDD, and recently it has stopped working.

The drive receives power and the light will blink on and off constantly. It is not detected by the pc.

This means that the USB module has become damaged.

I have had this same problem happen to another WD external, and it was not covered in warranty so i had to open the case, voiding the warranty, and use the HDD inside as an internal in my PC.

I dont want the same fate for the 2nd one as well, any way that i can repair it myself?

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As above - mbp with WD elements 1023 1Tb usb. Can be seen on disk utility but not accessible or visible on finder. What can be done? Thanks.


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The only answer I have for either of you is to open your external drive and see if you can split the HD away from the USB card. WD made a version of the HD controller card that incorporated the USB parts and does not have the SATA & power connectors and needed circuitry. So you can't salvage the drive putting it into a new case.

Also many of these drives now have hardware encryption so you also may find the data is not recoverable if you get it into a new case.

Sorry for the double hit here.

Often I find static discharge is the root reason the USB port is killed (either system or device). Make sure you're not using a polyester cloth lined case that gets statically or when you connect or disconnect the drive make sure you first touch your desktop/laptop metal case parts and then touch the HD's metal case part before connecting or disconnecting the USB cable. That way the voltage potential is equal between the devices. I would also recommend getting a humidifier for dry and cold (winter) climates as it will help reduce the static buildup.

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In my case my friend took the drive out of my bag without asking me, and after using it, stuffed it back inside with the cables still attached, after which it did not work. Tried what you told me to do, did not work. So pretty positive that the pin is damaged on the HDD. Tried using other cables as well, no luck.


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