Rebooting problem with sim card, without no problem


Bought an iPhone 5 from a customers who had bought a 5s. The backcover was damaged, screen was broken.

Bought a new backcover, new screen and replaced everything that looked old, damaged.

No problem up until the new customers bought it.

iPhone keeps rebooting, when there is no sim card in it it does nothing wrong except the wrong battery percentage. From the moment that i put a sim card in it it keeps rebooting every 3/5min.

Screen fades away and then reboots. Only when there is a sim card in it..

Anyone had this problem before?

I am not planning on giving back the money because it worked when they bought it but i want to fix it to keep my good name for my repair company.

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Hi Wesley,

Have you checked the battery or replaced it yet?


Yes, checked battery, dock connector, screen, lock button flex...



Have you tried DFU then software restore?


I know i'm a few years late but can it be that you used the wrong size screw in the wrong hole when putting the shield back over the screen/digitizer/camera flex cables. This is what causes the problem from what I have learnt, the screw damages the traces on the logic board.


Alternatively, the sim tray is touching on something it shouldn't and shorting it?


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