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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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I hear a popping sound and it shuts off.

When I turn on the 3DS it starts to power on and then I hear a popping sound and it shuts off. I tried removing the batter and putting it back in after a few minutes with no luck. I have taken the 3ds apart but all ribbons seemed to be seated well and there doesn't seem to be any tears in the ribbons. The only thing I noticed was the WiFi antenna is torn a bit. In all fairness I don't remember if I tried it with the WiFi off. Could the WiFi antenna cause this issue?

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If it pops and then turns off then you most likely have a torn ribbon cable. Sometimes they are very hard to see. The tears can be anywhere on the cable. Many times they tear at the hinge but they could also be torn elsewhere.

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what do I replace in the ds to fix this solution?

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You have to find the ribbon cable that is bad and replace it. This is a very difficult repair so be sure you are ready and have the skills before trying to do it. The most common ribbon cable to tear is the speaker ribbon cable, but it can be the top screen cable too.

I hope this helps!


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