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Четвертое поколение iPhone. Ремонт прост, но дисплей должен быть заменен в сборе с сенсорным стеклом. Версия GSM; 8, 16 или 32 ГБ памяти; модель A1332; в Черном или Белом цвете.

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Why iPhone 4 will not charge?

My GSM iPhone 4 will not charge. I installed a new battery and all functions work normally except the battery will not charge and drains to zero. I'm using a cable that works properly with my iPad 2. I replaced the dock connector and installed a new battery but this did not fix the problem. Before the new battery fully drained I did a full reset, but this also did not fix the problem. There was not enough battery life to try a software update. I also tried reseting by depressing the home and power buttons until reset. Any suggestions on what else to try? Thanks!

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Have you tried another battery?

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Yes, the phone will work with a new battery, other than of course it will not charge.


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Hey Mark, due to the fact your iPhone is a mini computer, it makes it a sensitive piece of equipment. Your more then likely having a motherboard related issue. At this point your options are limited.

A.)Take it to a professional shop to have it properly diagnosed.


B.) You can try cleaning the motherboard with some 91% alcohol and a toothbrush, very gently do this. Clean the entire thing then dry it thoroughly with a blow dryer if possible. Dust and dirt accumulates after awhile of using these devices (2-3 years).

If that does not help, try known working charge ports and batteries, its possible the ones you tested with were defective.

Other then that, your going to need some professional assistance.

Good luck my friend. Let us know how it works out.


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Many thanks Josh, I will try cleaning per your directions.


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