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The original Xbox is Microsoft's first widely popular video gaming system. It has an easily identifiable black case with 'XBOX' emblazoned on the top and front. Repair is easy with common tools.

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Why does my controller not work?

I have a corded and cordless controller for my original xbox, neither work, I have three plugin that I've tried all to no avail. It turns on fine goes to the date and time screen. I haven't tried a reset as it worked last summer when I moved it from my room to the living room, now nothing, help please!!! I miss my blazing angels and secret weapons over Normandy!

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Well it seems like you controller needs batteries depending on your system. But most likely you will need to get new controllers. If you go to your local game stop and try trading them in for money to get new controllers they will see why they are broken and tell you most likely

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it yont tarn on

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