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Dell Inspiron N5010 Series laptop comes with either Intel Core i3 330M or Core i7 740QM processor and can have a GMA 4500MHD or ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 adapter.

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Dell inspiron N5010 making 8 beep with no display

My Dell Inspiron N5010 with 1GB ATI mobility Radeon Graphics card is making 8 beep sound repeadly with blank screen after stating it. I also attach an external monitor which is showing the display but there is displaying the Bluescreen error on that monitor and system is doing the on and off again and again. This bluescreen error also occured some days ago so many time but then i updated the graphics card driver and then the laptop start work well. After some days when i start my laptop and after entering the login password there is displaying blank screen, i tried so many time but every time after enter the password the screen was going blank. I needed to take up some important data so i run the system in SAFE MODE and take the data and shut down the system. Next time i start it again but this time no display and system is making 8 beep sound as i said initialy. Now i am confused where is the actual problem with the system part. Is it with Graphics card or its driver,with lcd or its cable or any other. I also disassembled my laptop completely. Now what should i do to solve out this problem. Plz Help me immediately.

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watch this video you would get idea how to solve the problem



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ANKIT,8 Beeps is usually a LCD or cable failure. Try this first :

"If the LCD on the system does not show any display, here are some basic steps that you can perform:

Remove the battery and AC Adapter from the laptop and press the power button down for about 10-15 seconds to release flea power.

Power up the system and then press the F12 key during the boot process to get to the Boot Menu, if you are able to see the display.

It may be necessary to repeatedly press the key during the start-up process.

Use the up and down arrow keys to select <Diagnostics> on the menu and press the Enter key.


Hold down the Fn (function) key

Power on the notebook

You should then see the Dell logo screen with the message 'Diagnostic boot selected' in the top corner.

You can then release the keys

While the LCD BIST test runs, the LCD is operating on its own, free of the video controller, which may be discrete (a video card) or on board (on the system board). The test allows you to distinguish an LCD panel problem from a problem with the controller. If the colors are displayed across the screen without a problem, then the issue is not with the LCD." from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I already tried the LCD BIST test(after attaching an external monitor through VGA cable) as advised by you but still there was no display on laptop LCD but at the same time, on external monitor screen i can see that the test is running but that screen was not clear because there was displaying unwanted so many colured objects,alphabets and signs etc. and due to this

the screen was very very less readable. I also tried the LCD test by pressing and hold the D key and then press the start button. But there is no display on the laptop LCD and at the same time external screen was completely fedded . I think there may be problem with its GRAPHICS CARD because some time ago, the system gets bluescreen error due to G.Card driver failure. Now what should i do!!!


Today i removed its HDD and connected it with a desktop. Then i done the Windows Reinstallation process by completely formatting the Harddisk. The windows got reinstalled successfully. Then i reattached it with laptop and start it but still the problem as it is- No display on laptop LCD and fedded very very less readable fedded display on external monitor.


"many colured objects,alphabets and signs etc. and due to this the screen was very very less readable." on both monitors sounds like a GPU error. You could try and have at reflow or better a reball of the GPU done.Otherwise you are probably looking at a new logic board.


I watched the GPU Reflow video on youtube. There in that video, the Heat sinkage strip is removed up from Processor and GPU module. Then the GPU top is cleaned up by a solution named as 91% Isopropyl Alcohl(as i understand) and after this the hot air is blowed on it for approx. 20-30 seconds and then some amount of thermal paste is applied on its top and then the Heat sinkage cable refitted on its place. After completting the reassembling process the system gets start correctly without any error.

But i does not have that cleaning solution and thermal paste and also not familiar with them. What are the alternates for these two material which are easily available? How much hot air to be blow on GPU? Is this process is wright and work for my laptop?

And what is the process of GPU Reball? Plz reply me as soon as possible, am waiting. Thankyou.


Whoa, ANKIT. That is a tall order. Lets start with the reflow that you may have seen on youtube. In principle you are correct. In practice a reflow must generate enough heat to liquify the solderballs on the bottom of the GPU IC to reseat them this might help if your error is caused by stress fractures or colder solder joints on the solder balls. A reball means to replace all the solder balls on the bottom of the GPU. For that you will need a whole lot of special tools. To reflow you will need the isopropyl alcohol for cleaning and the thermal paste goes between the GPU and the heatsink when you reassemble it. The process of reflowing is very similar to that on here. No, you can not substitute the thermal paste. It is an absolute must. This is just a short comment since there is a lot more to the technique.


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watch this video you would get idea how to solve the problem


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