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Released April 2013, model numbers GT-N5100 (3G & Wifi), GT-N5110 (Wifi), and GT-N5120 (3G, 4G/LTE & Wifi)

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spen not working on whole screen after lcd and digitizer replacment

I had replaced my screen after 60 days from broken.

The touch screen and everytging is working fine, except that the spen is not working in the whole screen.

Exactly acrectangle 2 cm below the screen top with length of 4 cm and width of the screen is not recognizing the spen, otherwise the spen works great.

What can be the problem ?


Ahmed Ismail

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Perhaps the digitizer itself is faulty, or maybe the stylus sensor film is damaged in the LCD and digitizer replacement you replaced. The s pen works through the stylus sensor film in the screen.

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Had the same problem. Disconnected and reconnected the two big flex cables that connected screen to mither board.

Perfect after that.

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I have had the same problem. Dropped the phone and had to replace the LCD Unit. Touch screen working perfect but S pen doesn't work anywhere on the screen except towards the top and lower parts of the screen. Pen detection sensor working fine. Do I need to get a new screen again ?

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