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Released in April of 2006, the S4011 was built for everyday tasks such as word document processing and internet browsing.

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want to upgrade wi-fi card

The wi-fi card on my A105 works, but is slow. I see that there are "N rated" cards available for as little as $20 but I have no idea if they will fit in my A105 model. Is there a standard for factor (size, shape, number of "pins," etc) for all wi-fi replacement cards? if not, how might I go about getting the proper card? Thanks in advance! Jami

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I think your best bet here is to use a USB WiFi adapter Vs trying to upgrade your internal unit.

Here's a good write up on the very latest 802.11ac adapters: Tested: We push six 802.11ac Wi-Fi USB adapters to the limit. Depending on your OS version you may not be able to use these in which case you'll need to checkup the older 802.11n adapters.

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